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Installing ChronoComments on Joomla 1.5

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I spent a lot of time looking for a good (and, I'll admit it, free) comment solution for  The best I found was ChronoComments from ChronoEngine.  I like the wide array of configuration options that it provides, and the layout/presentation is very clean and works well with my site's template.  One thing that isn't so clear is the documentation, and if you don't live and breathe Joomla, I'm sure you will find it even more confusing.  I've tried to layout the install procedure that I followed so that you don't have quite so many headaches.

ChronoComments is comprised of three major parts:
  • component
  • plugin
  • module

All you need is the component and the plugin to get started.  The module is used to show the most recent comments from across the site, not to display the comments for a particular article.  The plugin handles that.

Install Component and Plugin

The ChronoEngine folks are kind enough to provide a single installer for both the component and the plugin.  Strangely, they also offer the plugin installer as a standalone.  Don't try to use that.  Use the express installer instead.  Also note that as of this writing, the version number on the Express Install page says 1.0 in one place and 1.2 everywhere else.   In theory, though, all you need is this one installer to get going.

  • Download Chrono Comments 1.2 Express
  • Go to Extensions > Install/Uninstall
  • Browse for the ZIP file in the "Package File" field and click "Upload File and Install"
  • You will see this message:
ChronoComments installed succesfully! Its time to configure the component for comments to show correctly, 
go to Components > ChronoComments > Parameters

In retrospect, this message is helpful.  But until you notice the "Parameters" button on the ChronoComments Comment Manager, you might wonder what you're supposed to do next.  Let's just do a sanity check on the installation.

First, verify that the component and plugin are installed:

  • Go to Extensions > Install/Uninstall
  • click on Components in the sub-nav bar.  You should see "Chrono Comments" in the list
  • click on Plugins in the sub-nav bar.  You should see "Content - ChronoComments" in the list

Next, make sure the plugin is enabled

  • Go to Extensions > Plugin Manager
  • Make sure you see a check in the enabled column for "Content - ChronoComments"

If all checks out OK, you're ready to move on.

Configure ChronoComments

  • Go to Components > ChronoComments > Comments Manager
  • Click on "Parameters" (Make sure you are logged in as a Super Administrator.  Only Super Administrator will see the Parameters button on the Comment Manager page.)
  • Turn comments on by choosing one or more sections or categories.
  • You may want to allow guests to post, unless you think you're going to have so much traffic that people will actually register for your site...
  • I highly recommend using a CAPTCHA to prevent bots from spamming up your site

Recent Comments Module

If you want to use the recent comments module:

  • Download the Module:
  • Go to Extensions > Install/Uninstall
  • Browse for the ZIP file in the "Package File" field and click "Upload File and Install"

Next, verify that the module is installed:

  • Go to Extensions > Install/Uninstall
  • click on Modules in the sub-nav bar.  You should see "mod_chronocomments" in the list

Finally, enable the module

  • Go to Extensions > Module Manager
  • You will see "Latest Comments".  It should be disabled.
  • Click on "Latest Comments" to edit the module details
  • Find a position for it and enable it.



avatar Fabio Furtado
It seems ChronoComments is good. I'm already using ChronoForms (which is perfect for me).
I will give a try in my website.

Thanks you for this article, it gave me more confidence in ChoronoComments.
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